Not quite "Location, Location, Location"

We want to buy a house in the next 6 months or so. I've been pinning things to my "Dream Home" board on pinterest. Some things extravagant, and some not-so-extravagant.

So... Pastor Hubby and I are sitting here looking at potential houses to buy. Suddenly, while clicking through pictures, we see this big laundry room. I gasp loudly and say, "I COULD PUT A GREAT WALL OF LAUNDRY THERE!" He looks at me like I've finally, completely lost it and says slowly, "Nooo... We don't need a "Great Wall of Laundry." He didn't use air quotes or anything, but the quotation marks were in his voice. Trust me, I can hear them. I'm an English teacher. So I excitedly say, "No no no! We DO want one! Look!" and then took him to this post by a woman who understands my life (just take a look at the title of her blog!).

Now, being, well, Not-Me he's not nearly as excited as I am, so he made comments like, "So you just dump things in them?" and "But they get all wrinkly!" I told him he could continue hanging his own clothes (because I long ago stopped doing his laundry) and he hesitantly replied, "Oooookaaaay. I could get behind something like that." as if The Great Wall of Laundry was not The. Best. Idea. Ever.  Whatever. I am now only looking at houses that could possibly fit a Great Wall of Laundry.

So, my house list will look something like this:

  1. Location/ School zone (you didn't think I'd take that off the list, did you? I'm a teacher, remember?)
  2. Big backyard - is it too much to ask that it already have grass and a covered patio? because this mama has GOT to have a place to throw my kids where they can yell and scream and it be somewhat acceptable and in my line of vision. 
  3. Great Wall of Laundry possible

Bedrooms-schmedrooms. My kids love "sleepovers" together. As long as I get my Great Wall of Laundry, I don't care.

So, that's it. A place for them to learn, and learn well. A place for them to run. And a place for the massive amount of clothes they require.


Sarah--Well Rounded Birth Prep said...

Yes yes yes! Yes to the Great Wall of Laundry!

Fiona said...

Great blog, Kristi! It's my cup of tea exactly! I'm with you on the Great Wall of Laundry. If I could have one of those, I'd be delirious with joy. Regrettably, here in the UK, houses do not usually come equipped with any such thing. So I'm sitting here in my study with an airer on which a million things are hung and drying, and a laundry tub of clean wet stuff patiently waiting its turn. There's SO much laundry, isn't there? Thank you for your writing - I'll be visiting regularly!

Beth Woolsey: Five Kids Is A Lot Of Kids said...

HA! I laughed and laughed... ESPECIALLY AT YOUR HUSBAND! This is EXACTLY what Greg said. Practical men who want to be wrinkle-free... sheesh! ;)

Also - I LOVE that Sarah and Fiona are commenting here... they're 2 of my faves!

This endless moment said...

This single momma only has 2 kids and I need one. There is currently a 'bonified clean' pile (or 3) in my room, and one in theirs, which they too have failed ot put away. Have I mentioned I work out a lot, like a lot a lot and I could split my work out/yoga stuff into several clean bins. Maybe if the kids didn't have to dig through piles of *everything* to find their stuff, they'd be happier too. :)

Mommy Joys said...

This is too funny! I was thinking about Beth's Great Wall of Laundry just the other day, as I was lugging the basket full of neatly folded piles of children's clothing up the stairs yet again to put them away. Pure genius! If God ever blessed us with a house, I would consider my cup of blessings to be running over if it too could accomodate a Great Wall of Laundry!
I hope you find the perfect home.

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