"Is that chocolate or poop?"

I just found out I have a milk allergy. 

I love chocolate.

I was told I can try dark chocolate. I went across town to buy the good, real dark chocolate at the natural health store. It was a big bar, the kind you're suuposed to break off a piece a day and eat. This would have lasted me a day a whole week! 

The 2-year-old found my chocolate.

She unwrapped it and was carrying it in her hands.

"So what?" you say? 

She had been running around naked and pretending to go potty for several hours. 

Even I admit I have to throw away that chocolate.

It's embarrassing how sad this makes me. 


I took a picture of us at church this morning.
Because this picture is BEFORE church.
Seriously. I made it, not just on time. EARLY.


That is a feat worth remembering.

I don't even care that the 3yo is moving and the 2yo may or may not have her finger in her nose and the baby and the 6yo are not looking at the camera and the whole thing is a bit blurry. Whatever. I have proof that I got to church on time. No, no no - EARLY! Early enough that Pastor Hubby was still walking around talking with people! I walked in and told him that I wanted a picture. He laughed, and I said, "You think I'm kidding. I. Want. A. Picture." He asked if I wanted the clock in the background.

Thanks to Pastor Hubby for staying home for 45 minutes longer than normal this morning to make this moment happen.