"Is that chocolate or poop?"

I just found out I have a milk allergy. 

I love chocolate.

I was told I can try dark chocolate. I went across town to buy the good, real dark chocolate at the natural health store. It was a big bar, the kind you're suuposed to break off a piece a day and eat. This would have lasted me a day a whole week! 

The 2-year-old found my chocolate.

She unwrapped it and was carrying it in her hands.

"So what?" you say? 

She had been running around naked and pretending to go potty for several hours. 

Even I admit I have to throw away that chocolate.

It's embarrassing how sad this makes me. 


Anonymous said...

I guess we are too much alike. I can hear you saying, "I don't think so"! Have you seen the Alstate commercial where the young man runs into the older man with his car. They discover they have the same insurance - even the same agent. The young guy says, "We're connected". The older man says, "No we're not"! After repeating the same thing for the second time, the young guy just raises his eyebrows like "You're in denial, sir". I often get nauseas when I eat chocolate. Dark chocolate is often too bitter for my taste. But I love white chocolate. Larry always put his chocolate in the fridge. That might be a good way to hide the candy. Valjean's poor vet got a pen holder for his birthday that looked like poop. I felt sorry for him and got him a CD. I guess I should have bought him chocolate. This all makes sence doesn't it?! Your m in law OK, now I don't know what to choose to publish this!

K Newman said...

Um, no, sorry, that made very little sense. But I still love you. :)

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