The Joy Dare Week 1

Go see this post to see what I'm doing. I started late, so some of these are what I remember this week, other days, I just substituted other gifts to be thankful for from the week. Next week, I'll write them down as I go, or more likely, use the app, so they'll be better, I'm sure. :)

January 1: 3 things about yourself that you are grateful for
January 2: A gift outside, inside, on a plate
January 3: 3 lines you overheard that were graces
January 4: one gift old, new, and blue
January 5: something you're reading, you're making, you're seeing
January 6: one thing in your bag, your fridge, your heart
January 7: 3 graces from people you love

  1. Sight - I am so grateful that I can see all the amazing colors and sights, my children's smiles, their eyes lit up with joy.
  2. Legs - I have always hated the way my legs look, but I am so grateful that they are legs that can run, bounce a child, chase a kid, kick a ball, pump a swing next to one of my children.
  3. A newfound belief in the power of my thoughts - I'm still learning just how powerful the meditation of my brain is on my life.
  4. Outside - watching my kids enjoy playing with their new Christmas toys
  5. Inside - my whole family, hanging out for what may be the last time before my sister moves away
  6. On a plate - ham and dumplins, it's my brother's favorite, I think just about every adult in the family helped with it a little, as we all gathered in my parents' kitchen. 
  7. 1 - the 5yo to the 3yo: Oh, let me help you!
  8. 2 - the 3yo to the 1yo: I'm in here! I'm in here! (they are best friends)
  9. *not according to the list* my parents' living room full of people celebrating my sister's birthday
  10. *not according to the list* a van-full of kids eating chocolate chip cookies
  11. *not according to the list* a rent check, shelter, provision from God
  12. *not according to the list* my daughter's resolution: to help at least one person feel better every day (she came up with that all on her own, and made my heart melt in awe and humility) 
  13. Reading - this blog - which came perfectly on a day that I was wondering why on earth I felt so old! it's because I'm {go look at blog to figure out calculation, brain laughs that some other part of brain thought I could attempt such a thing, decide not to figure out actual number}... infinitely older than what my birth certificate says
  14. Making - pizza with my kids, super easy, but they loved spreading the ingredients on the dough!
  15. *I decided to do reading again. Hey, I'm an English teacher, reading is important to me!* Little House in the Big Woods - all 3 biguns (and, "big" at my house equals 3, 6, and 8, for what it's worth) will snuggle with me onto the loveseat and *actually listen* while I read. all... ok, almost all of their questions are good questions about the book, and I'm just so happy to be reading something to them that I loved as a kid, and have them enjoy it too. 
  16. In my bag - 3 candy kisses, from a shy student who occasionally just walks up and hands me little gifts, no words, just a small token
  17. In my fridge - half-made batter, tried to make mocha brownies with my sister, only to find we were out of eggs
  18. In my heart - one last family gathering, playing Sour Apples to Apples, lots of laughs
  19. From my hubby - a night of sleep - he got up with the baby!
  20. From some friends - dinner at their house
  21. From the same friend - an offer to take all 5 kids so we could both rest tonight
What about you? Are you taking the Joy Dare? What were you thankful for this past week? Comment here or on the FaceBook page!


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