SAHM Checklist

I've been trying to get organized lately. Which, for me, means lots of checklists. They help me. I feel a great sense of accomplishment when I can check something off of a list.

I'm also a brand-new SAHM (that's Stay-At-Home-Mom, if you're unaware). Ok, well, I had several practice runs, aka summers, because I was a teacher. But, I always viewed that as a vacation, a time to breathe slowly for as long as possible, because once the schoolyear starts it's a marathon to the end of the year. So it was a bit different.

I've been pinning lots of cute organizational thingys and even printing and using a few. Then, I decided I needed my own checklist. (Now I just need someone with skills to make it all cutesy for me. Anyone?)

Here goes:

  1. Get out of bed, even though all you really want to do is snuggle with kids and watch cartoons all day.
  2. Get big kids to school.
  3. Get big kids to school on time!  (that seriously deserves its own checkmark, amirite?)
  4. Feed kids breakfast.
  5. Feed kids lunch (school lunch counts).
  6. Feed kids dinner.
  7. Feed kids a snack.
  8. Feed anyone that is not your child, including yourself.
  9. Extra checkmark if one of those fits into your definition of truly healthy.
  10. Extra checkmark if you actually made a school kid's lunch and put it in a lunchbox. And by "you," I mean anybody in your house that's not a Lunchable. (you still get a checkmark, just not an extra one, k?) And by "lunchbox" I mean anything the kid can use to get the lunch to school - shopping bag, paper bag, actual lunchbox, styrofoam doggie bag/box, whatever. 
  11. Extra checkmark if anyone sat at the table with anyone else.
  12. Extra Extra checkmark if the whole family sits at the table and eats together. 
  13. Stop and listen to at least one child while they're telling you something incredibly long and boring interesting to them.
  14. Get the kids to play out of doors for at least 20 minutes.
  15. You get out of doors for at least 10 minutes. 
  16. Accomplish any one thing on a typical "cleaning list."
  17. Take all the kids anywhere.
  18. Shower.
  19. Wear real clothes (you define.)
  20. Wear make-up (or "do" your hair, whatever you want that feels like a little extra).
  21. Fit in some form of exercise.
  22. Take a deep breath for yourself.
  23. Keep kids alive. 

There. A checklist that is actually do-able. What would you add?


Leah Lambart said...

Very accurate, I'd say! I especially like the extra checks :)

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