Help Me Be Good Enough!

I have some exciting news! I have decided to run the Disneyland Half Marathon on September 2nd! I'm so nervous and excited I could throw up right on my keyboard!

I'm nervous because:
What if I can't do it?
What if I'm not good enough?

I'm excited because:
Me, running a half marathon! {picture me, giddy, jumping up and down}

Running a half marathon is something I've wanted to do for all of my adult life. I've started running so many times, stopping all too quickly. Several of those times I stopped were after I got pregnant again. But, now I'm committed! I've been running steadily for 6 months. And {fingers crossed} shouldn't get pregnant again! (I'll never rest certain in that again, you know. Pastor Hubby can get a negative result 17 times, and I'll still be taking pregnancy tests a day early because I'm anxious.) And I need your help!

Remember my reasons for being nervous? Isn't that everybody's worry? What if I'm not good enough? Running makes me feel like I am good enough. After a run, I don't feel fat or lazy or stupid. I feel strong and powerful and ... enough.
I need you to tell me you think I can do it! You can do that below in the comments, and it will be amazingly helpful.

But, you can be even more helpful! "How?" you ask? "What on earth could be more helpful than the printed word, encouraging you to accomplish your goal?" You can put your money where your mouth is!

Donate to my website.
There's a little widget right there --------------->
that you can donate through. [All donations are secure and tax-deductible. You will receive a receipt at the email address you provide.]

Why will this help me? Your donation will help me in the same way that running for TNT helps me.

TNT stands for Team In Training, and it benefits The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society, or LLS. LLS provides Patient Financial Aid Programs, Family Support Groups, and other education programs for schools, patients, and even politicians. My favorite thing they offer is a connection program that matches new patients with a trained volunteer who has gone through a similar experience (diagnosis and treatment), allowing new patients to ask questions and get answers from someone who's been there. One story I heard was of a woman who had decided she didn't want treatment because she didn't want to lose her hair. In speaking with her peer mentor, she found out that hair loss was not a side effect of her treatment. Simply, that peer counseling may have saved that woman's life! I believe in mentors. I know the effect they can have on a life. If LLS funded nothing else, it would be worth it to me. {but they do more!}

I've chosen to run with and for TNT because I can help people, and receive help in return! It's a win-win! LLS has committed that 75% of the money raised will go to supporting patients. I get to train with people with similar goals, be coached by real running coaches, and be cheered along every step of the way. I really have no reason to fail!

So, I'm asking you to add one more reason to win. Put a little money in. That's your way of putting your faith in me. Telling me that I can do this thing. This humongous thing that's been on the short bucket list I've got. (Bonus: I'll cross it off before I'm 30!) You will motivate me to run farther than I think I can on each training run because I know you're standing behind me, trusting that I can and will do it! I know how far we're stretching our dollars right now, and if you have the faith in me to donate some of that to LLS through me, I'll have to cross that finish line. And, honestly, if I don't raise the funds, I can't afford to do it alone.

In the very near future, I'll have short profiles of the "Honored Heroes" for whom I will be running. (sorry to sound all English teacher-y right there - "for whom" - but I just can't knowingly write it incorrectly.) These two people have fought blood cancer and have won their battles, and I'll be remembering their fight as I pound each mile into the ground.

I've committed to raise at least $2800. I'd actually like to raise at least $6000 and do Nike Women's Haf Marathon with them in October. I'd like to have the $2800 by June 20th. For the second, I'd need the other $3200 by August 10th.

What can you do to help me and anyone affected by blood cancer? (running with me is another option, you can find that information at the top of my TNT page!)


Anonymous said...

Thank you for the commitment to LLS, very close to my heart since the hubby was diagnosed with Lymphoma in 2010. We are so blessed to have double coverage insurance and a great support system. My heart breaks for those that aren't as fortunate! As for the race, make a personal goal just to finish! In my book you're already a winner for thinking of others and for what you've already accomplished! Margaret

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