Christmas Eve

I am so excited today to have family in town. I am most excited that my kids get to hang out with their cousins! This means, however, that my house will have 8 kids, aged 9 and under in my house! So, this morning, when I got up and my kids were still sleeping, I decided to enjoy the quiet for a moment. I told my husband I was going to enjoy the calm before the storm, and I grabbed my kindle (thanks Mom and Dad!), and began to read my favorite devotional website. I decided to read this devotion, about what to remember about Christmas. I knew I would need the reminder, with the combination of me being postpartum, kids being kids, and adults who don't normally spend days on end in quite the proximity we would be. I read, and it touched my heart, to remember to love "the least of these" as we would love Jesus. But then the quiet was broken. But it wasn't broken by the clamor of children running to see if their cousins are here yet. It was softly broken. I heard my oldest daughter singing to my youngest daughter, "Glo-o-o-o-o-o-o-ria! In Excelsis Deo!" I was reminded, too, to see God's glory in the little things. To notice His features in the daily-ness of life.

To look in the bright eyes of my children and their cousins as they talk to me and see God's eyes shining there. To see the hands of a young child reaching for "Bup!" (up) yet again, and to see Jesus' hands, asking to be ministered to. To see a child carefully constructing an ornament, knowing that I will find its childish flaws beautiful and distinctive, and know too, that God carefully constructs each of us and loves some of the things we see as flaws as distinctive and beautiful individuality. To cook meals as though I was making them for Jesus himself. To feel the love I have for this zoo, and know that I don't even have a glimpse of the love God has for all of us.

Today, and everyday, I vow to see God and His glory in the smallest of things.

How will you change your perspective in order to see everyday things as holy things?


Jes said...


Thank You. I am the wife of a Wounded Warrior, and somehow stumbled across your blog. This year was the hardest of our lives, and for Christmas we had only each other - not even decorations. We had no Christmas dinner, and no presents. And it was the best Christmas of our lives, 2009 my present was that I knew he was alive somewhere in Afghanistan - even though I had not been ablest to speak to him for 3 months, and had no idea where he was. 2010, he was still alive and home with me, even though he was not cognizant from his injuries. 2011, all the hard work paid off. He survived war, came home, survived his injuries, and is now well on the road to recovery. We just basked in the day, basked in the Greatness... and took a hike. It has to be explained that he had been unable to walk until recently, and then only with a cane. On Thanksgiving, he ran for the first time. On Christmas, he took a hike... minus the cane. On New Years Eve, we were galloping on a trail with our horses. Thank God. Literally, I am Thanking God.

I don't know why I felt driven to tell you all of this, but I did, and could not have left your page without doing just that. Thank you for your words- it really is the little things in life.

God Bless.


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